July 27th, 2014: Kim leaving a photoshoot in LA.

Anonymous said: why my last relationship ended

i’ve never had a relationhip because to be honest i’m scared of putting my all into someone that I know for sure is only temporary.

Anonymous said: V. LAST TIME I CRIED.

on friday when I got towed and the tow cost came up to $282 and i am STILL hurt by this smh. 

negative-flowers said: Hardest thing you've ever been through?

y’know, it just might be accepting myself, and learning to invest my time and energy into creating the life i want.. i was never fond too of myself for many different reasons, but i’m beginning to accept it.

i’ve been thru many stages in my life and i’m now realizing why God has placed these situations, and in fact, people in my life.

please don’t tell me you care about me mentally, let alone physically, then barely show it. what you say holds meaning.

save that shit for someone else, please.

"I gave wrong people the right pieces of me."

— (via jakuzarskey)